Traveling with a Toddler in a Tilite: In the Airport

I've never been a fan of the the kid-on-a-leash thing. I kinda summed it up as a device for lazy parents with no control over their kids. Well, that was pre-kids… and definitely pre-injury. I remember the time I was completely embarrassed when Gen "Flo Jo'ed" from one end of Target to the other at full … Continue Reading ››
Cold quad

How a Cold Can Affect A Quadriplegic

It's been a minute. Actually, 20160 minutes. But, I have good reason. When I caught the munchkin's cold two weeks ago, I knew I was in for wild ride. Double duty = double whammy. But when my sinus and allergies decided to join the party, my symptom management got ten times worse. It's a cold. What's the … Continue Reading ››

7 Reasons Why It’s Good to Have a Parent with a Disability

I marvel at the words and actions of the munchkin. Some of it’s innate; some of it’s home-training. But I’m realizing that a lot of her character has been developed by having a parent with a disability. Contrary to what most people think, children don’t miss out on much because of a parent’s disability. With a … Continue Reading ››

So Stop Riding Me!

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