What happened to you?

Over the past two weeks, I have been asked about my injury in four offensive ways:

      1. What’s wrong with your legs?
      2. Why are you in that chair?
      3. Are you wheelchair bound?
      4. What happened to you?

I choose my words very carefully when answering these questions because my answer truly differs. TK and I used to make up the most ridiculous answers like breaking my neck from being jumped into a gang or slipping on a banana peel. My fave cause of injury is from doing the dutty wine!

But children always get an explanation from me, with their parents approval. They truly just want to know! And 9 times out of 10, they tactfully ask why I use a wheelchair and I just tell them that I hurt my spine.

Some adults, on the other hand, just don’t get it. “I hope you get unparalyzed.” “Wow. And you’re happy with your life?” And of course we can’t forget, “Oh, I’m so sorry.” If I had a penny for all of the sorries that I’ve heard….

The reality is that people selfishly opt to satisfy their own curiosity than consider how the person in a wheelchair must feel to relive possibly the most traumatic day in his/her life. Think about it. What was the scariest or saddest or most painful moment in your life? Imagine being asked to retell that story day after day after day. If a wheeler wants you to know, they will tell you. Simple as that.

So, I’m taking the time to answer some of your questions about my wheels, my injury, my life. Ask me anything. Email me, hit me up on Facebook or tweet me. I’ll do my best to get to as many as I can. I’m here to edutain. Here we go.