Traveling with a Toddler in a Tilite: Airport Security
Vacation is over! To celebrate my daughter’s Spring Break (and to kick rocks to the pain the cold weather was bringing), we decided to take a lengthy trip down to sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This week, I’m going to share a little of my travel experiences with you as a traveling mom on wheels.

With the hubby unable to travel with us, Munchie and I gave goodbye hugs once our bags were tagged and loaded. Then, we headed to the VIP line at the TSA Security Checkpoint.

If you’re a loyal reader, you probably remember me talking about the Lucy Forck fiasco and how I blamed her mother on the TSA reaction. I do things completely different.

Before we travel, I always give Genny the talk about what to expect at the security checkpoint. I tend to explain a lot because I truly want her to understand why things happen the way that they do. We both dress in very easy-to-wear garments with shoes that do not require lacing. (The boots in the pic have side zippers.  Fooled ya, eh?)

With one carry-on bag each, Genny’s age/weight appropriate wheeler had things to keep her busy on the plane. My carry-on wheelchair backpack held medical supplies, two weeks of meds, and my never-leave-home-without-them tech toys. Once we reach the conveyor belt, I usually ask the traveler behind me to take my heavy backpack off of my chair. But this time, a TSA agent came over to help.

Going through the metal detector has become a piece of cake. Although we travel in two separate lanes, we watch each other the entire time. Genesis walked through the metal detector while I waited for a female agent to screen the “Bionic Woman.” That would be me. . When she was done, Gen came over to me before we all headed to the screening area for my somewhat lengthy clearance.

After giving me the play-by-play of what to expect, the female TSA agent checked EVERYTHING: my hair, my chair, my cushion… ahem… both of the them, and every nook and cranny, crack and crevice, roll and fold on my body. While Munchie observed from a chair 5 feet away, the agent tested her gloves and test strips for illegal materials. The whole process took less than 10 minutes without a yell, tear, or uncomfortable pat-down — from either of us. We would not be on the 7:00 news; We had a flight to catch.

So you see, when you know what to do, airport security is a breeze. Despite our challenges, this duo zooms right through. By the way, Tilite is my brand of chair. Titanium, baby!