Throwdown Thursday

Hey y’all. I don’t cook heavy meals everyday, but I was channeling my inner Granny (RIP) and decided to take it back down south for dinner.

I love to eat cook, but it takes a lot of work for me to prepare real food (not the boxed or canned stuff.) For this meal, I had to dice onions and green peppers, chop potatoes, cut cabbage and lift a casserole dish.  Seems simple, right? Far from it.

On the menu:

Jasmine Rice
Black Beans
Corn Pudding
Roast Beef with red potatoes, carrots and mushrooms  
I only cook Jasmine or Basmati rice because I love taste, but more importantly, the fragrance. I’ve tried several variations of brown rice, but none of them come close. Any brand suggestions? I’m really trying to eat better.  The easiest dish to cook became the longest because I spilled the rice EVERYWHERE.  What a way to get started! 
I jazzed up the black beans with garlic, onion, green peppers, diced tomatoes, basil, oregano, garlic salt, and pepper. My dominate hand, my right hand, has limited dexterity, so I have to get very creative when chopping veggies. I use a Vidalia Chop Wizard because I don’t have to try to hold the veggies while using a knife and I get to release some frustration when I slam down the cover.
I always season my cabbage with smoked meat, but this time, I just fried some bacon (I was feeding Genesis breakfast at the same time) and then added it to my seasoned cabbage. Although the cabbage was chopped on the table, I got the bright idea to cut the potatoes for the roast on the cutting board while it was resting on my lap. Not very smart! The cutting board left small scrapes on my leg. Anyway, to save time, I bought sliced fresh mushrooms and a bag of baby carrots. So, I put my seasoned roast in the casserole dish with the onions, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, and lots of additional seasoning and beef stock. Now, getting it into the oven is the kicker!
My abdominal area is very weak (three surgeries and the paralysis), so lifting is extremely difficult.  This is where the creativity comes in. Normally, I have to place the casserole dish on my lap and pull the oven rack all way out in order to “slide” it into the oven. Luckily, my sous chef — my dad, came to visit and helped me out.
Last but not least, I got my whole kernel and cream-style corn ready to add to the other corn pudding ingredients (eggs, milk, butter, flour, sugar, and cinnamon.) My hubby is from the Caribbean, where they call it corn pie, and it isn’t made as sweet. He loves mine though. It cooked well with the roast in the oven (which I normally cook in the slow cooker) 
Well, that’s it. Dinner (and leftovers) for all. And Genesis slept through most of it. Can you believe it? Lucky me.
                                                                                            Keep it Moving!
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    Oh my goodness.. would love me some throwdown Thursday…. If ever Tones and I are in your town.. we have to make sure a thursday is in order… don’t eat the meat.. but everything else smells awesome.. and I love corn pie… mmm.. Southern cooking sounds close to my palette..

    Lisa and Tones (Toronto)