The Difficulty of Being a Mom on Wheels in the Spring

The warm weather brings a lot of opportunity for toddlers to learn and have fun outdoors, but most of the activities require more mobility than I have.  It could be depressing to watch your child long to do things that other kids are doing.  Being pushed in a swing.  Slide with Mommy down the sliding board.  Thankfully, Genesis is fortunate to have two sets of loving grandparents (and other relatives) that are always willing to fill-in anywhere they are needed.

I was blessed to have a good relationship with my maternal grandparents. You could always count on a hot plate of food at Granny’s house that would be served with a hum. At Granddaddy’s sign shop, after entering through the cloud of Pall Mall smoke, you’d find him working hard to country music — but he’d always take a break to give you a dollar to spend at the next door convenience store.

Unfortunately, my father’s parents died when he was a toddler (one year behind each other), so I never had the opportunity to know them.

Old Hag, Old Geezer, or Old Faithful?
Grammie bridged the gap when my head exploded.  Not only did she take care of Genny while hubby took  care of me in the hospital, but she continued the feeding, bathing, dressing and cleaning while I recovered at home — even the early morning feasts and poop fests.  This year, Grammie took Genny to see all the animals that she’s been learning about and taught her how to garden.

Granddad is the guy that is always a phone call away (and where she got her chipmunk cheeks.)  He drops everything to be there for his leading lady. Don’t let his age or ailments fool you.  Genny and Granddad have a special relationship that includes their own special song (which we’ve coined “The Granddaddy Shuffle”), a special waltz complete with dips and spins, and special jokes (including the teeth chattering episodes that will guarantee a marathon laugh session between the two of them.)   

Whether it’s taking walks…
or playing golf,
Granddad brings fun in the Spring to both of us.

Genny’s paternal grandparents don’t live nearby, but when they get together, there are songs to be sung and West Indian cooking to enjoy while Mommy goes in search of a Soy White Mocha Caramel Frappuccino and adult conversation.

It’s easy to lament over what you don’t have or what you can’t do, but then you fail to see the blessings that are all around you.  I’m thankful for my four Old Faithfuls — I wouldn’t trade them for a thing (at least not until the iPhone 5 comes out.) 

Keep It Moving!