So, who am I?

In the very first post, I listed many of the things that I was not. I followed that post with some entries on some of my life experiences, but I don’t feel like I am revealing my authentic self (yes, I watch Oprah — you know she is constantly talking being your authentic self.) I have written in a variety of journalistic formats, but I’ve been feeling like my blog isn’t raw and conversational enough. While catching up on some of the blogs I follow, I noticed where my site designer and Words With Friends pal, Christina from Being Mrs. Jones, was having the same issue. So, I took my baby-free weekend to ponder over my past, my path, and my purpose.

Time can be your best friend and your worst enemy. Before I had Genesis and after physical rehab, the hours seemed to be never-ending because friends stopped visiting, family stopped calling, and Gregg went back to work. I was left with feelings of loneliness, frustration and a remote control that got over-utilized, but I never fell into depression because I figured that that kind of fall would have been more detrimental than the fall that fractured my neck.  It’s so far from who I was…and who I still am — the energetic, charismatic, social butterfly.

Now, I never have time to do ANYTHING. It was a big adjustment to lose my spontaneity after my injury (a spinal cord injury requires a lot of scheduling) and now it’s even more challenging with a strong-willed, active little lady. If I’m not picking up toys or washing tiny clothes, I’m submitting to Mr. Sandman’s dust sprinkles in my eyes.

But, all of that is gonna change. I’m not reinventing the wheel, but I have to reinvent myself.  I’m not that girl that used to keep a passport-loaded suitcase to hop on a plane in a whim. I’m no longer the girl that could dance a hole in the floor. But…I’m more than a wife and mother.  1+1=3.

I’ll be posting more regularly with more details and more video (the nerve pain in my hand is getting worse and I don’t take meds for that.)

Well, I gotta go because according to my schedule, it’s “ME Time” and I’m already late. Oops. Thanks for hanging around thus far and I hope you’ll stick along for the ride.  The best (and worst) is yet to come.    

Keep it Moving!