See no evil, feel no evil

“Wiggle your big toe. Wiggle your big toe. Wiggle Your big toe.”

When I came home from my four month-stay at the hospital, one of the coolest gifts that I received was the Kill Bill movies on DVD from my brother.  He knew that I liked the quirky, action films, but more importantly, he wanted to impress upon me the importance of not giving up.  Isn’t that a brainy way to keep me motivated?

I’m still not able to wiggle that friggin’ toe…YET, but I can move a car (drive), move furniture (literally), and move people (inspire.) That’s a heck of a batting average, eh?

I took a road trip to North Carolina to visit my greatest teacher of strength under extreme pressure, my best friend TK. Circumstances prevented me from making it a lengthy visit, but I knew that five hours with her would mean as much as five days, especially because Genesis — her youngest goddaughter — was tagging along to give Aunt TT a big hug.

My cosmic sister has been battling kidney disease since grade school, but has never let her illness hamper her determination. Her full ride to Howard proved that she had the brains and ambition to conquer tough situations, but I never knew she had a seemingly never-ending supply of stones for her slingshot.

This past year has been tumultuous and Her latest obstacle has been a complete game-changer as she now sees life in a whole, new way — literally. But as usual, her newfound blindness hasn’t wrecked her beautiful spirit.  She was as radiant as ever! Her eyes may have prevented her from seeing all of her visitors, but the love in the room was so palpable that even my toes curled.  

There is a method of walking in my shoes rolling on my wheels, or putting on blinders in TK’s case, called sensory deprivation. When controlled (not what the not-so-smart teenagers do to cause hallucinations,) you will have an idea of what it’s like to view the world with an impaired sense. Periodically, I’ll recline on the couch with my “I told you so” smirk while my brother or hubby spends some time in my wheelchair: pushing, reaching, bumping into things, navigating around obstacles, and stopping abruptly on a slope. It comforts me to have them experience just a tad of the discomfort that I encounter on a daily basis.

So, I’m gonna take the plunge.  I’m going to spend some time wearing a blindfold to get a true grasp of what TK endures.

Are you up for it? Try wearing a blindfold for a while and let me know how the experience was.  If you really want to challenge yourself, put on a pair of jeans while sitting in a chair without moving your legs.  Boy, I wish I could see THAT video. There’s a method to the madness!      

Don’t forget to come back and comment down below on how it was for you.  Keep it rated G, please.

Keep it Moving!