My Legs Moved and I Wasn’t Thrilled

Last week was rough!

Not only did I have to deal with increased nerve pain, but it’s evil little brother, spasticity, decided that the party couldn’t go on without him.

Spasticity is another by-product of spinal cord injuries that could be both good and bad. Once I figured how mine operate, I made them as functional as I could. But sometimes, these sudden movements catch you off guard and then you’ll have a date with the floor. I take a low dosage of medication to manage the effects (more would put me in zombie-land), but it still slithers it’s way into my life.

Any discomfort below my level of paralysis will heighten my pain and increase my spasticity. The most common culprits are ingrown toenails, a full bladder, constipation, or a urinary tract infection (which is common in women and even more common in spinal cord injuries.)

Genny gets a kick out of my leg spasms. When I transfer from my wheelchair to the bed, I almost always watch my legs stiffen and my toes curl. Sometimes, they shake like a jackhammer and then she really cracks up (but it’s not always funny.)

Well, last week, I completely missed my bench in the shower when my back decided to straighten unexpectantly. Down goes Frazier! And I thought slip and slide was supposed to be outdoor fun! I didn’t hurt myself, though; I just bruised my ego.

Two days later, it took me at least 10 minutes to get back into my chair from the driver’s seat while running errands. I was rolling solo and I was not going to fall in public. I just took my time inching along my transfer board, cussin’ the devil each time my legs bent awkwardly in the opposite direction of where I wanted them to go. “Uh-huh. You’re trying to take me down, but it’s not gonna happen,” I declared. “Not today, devil.”

I spent the next few days moving minimally. Biting my lip to change positions. Shift left. Ouch. Shift right. OMG. Raise up. Oh dear. I grunted and groaned so much while tending to the princess that she began to mimic me when picking up her crayons from the floor.

I was determined to finish a few projects that I started and not let the bed zap the strength that I dug deep to find. I sighed and then smiled when Genny melted my heart. “It’s ok, Mama. I’m Mommy’s helper,” she insisted. “Big hug!” I reached out meeting her cradle of comfort and gave her the big hug that she requested (and I needed.) Kids are so intuitive!

Gregg entertained the munchkin most of the weekend and I was able to get a lot of rest. It seemed to helped because I am feeling much better today.

I guess Superwoman had to recharge. Now, back to saving the world.

I hope you’re beginning a fabulous week as well.