My Bad Relationship with The Whites

I would pull myself in multiple directions to accommodate the whites, but it never seemed to work. Each time I prepared to do my best with them, it was never good enough. No problems anywhere else. Just those darn whites. So, I gave up. I told hubby to handle them.

But, I’m not a quitter. After many unsuccessful attempts, I did some research and vowed to get it right.

We have a front-loading washer and dryer which is the easiest way for a wheeler to tackle the laundry.  These are appliances that should be mandatory for a “wheelchair accessible” rental property, although they are not. These appliances, along with side-by-side refrigerators, side-hinged ovens, front-knobbed ranges, and drawer dishwashers are considered “luxury” appliances, but are accessible necessities for mobility-challenged folks.

Can you imagine trying to wash clothes in the older style from a seated position? You can’t get the clothes out (unless you wanna risk taking a spin yourself)!


The washer has a drawer that holds the detergent (liquid or powder), fabric softener and bleach.

I know where each compartment is located, but I cannot see them from my chair. You can’t win ‘em all, right? I simply hold my arm up, lean the cup against the drawer, and add the stuff to the compartments.  I’m okay with taking the risk to add the detergent and softener because it’s not a big deal if it splashes, but I’m terrified to try that with the bleach.  
So, what’s a domestic diva to do?
First, I tried Oxi Clean.   
I bought this stuff to get the stains out of Genny’s bibs and clothes, so I figured it would be good enough to get Mommy and Daddy’s whites nice and bright also. It was okay — not bad, not great. I’m not a fan of powdered detergent and this is in a powdered form. Some of the stains were removed, but it didn’t brighten the whites.
So, Tide has to be better, right?
I heard great things about Tide’s stain release products, so I bought these to try to handle the whites again. The pre-packaged detergent packs go in the washer on top of the clothes, which makes it extremely accessible for me. The pod disintegrates in the wash cycle and really does a good job on removing stains. As for the whites, they were clean, but still not as bright as bleach.
Oh, Clorox. I miss you. I guess I should’ve paid attention in Chemistry and gotten experience in Patent Development.
I still haven’t figured out the best way to wash my white clothes, but at least I have a few options at the moment.  Do you have any recommendations?