Live Tweeting vs. DVR: How Shonda Rhimes Kills Them Both

I can barely contain myself.  tgitWe are one week away from TV’s biggest event. No, I’m not talking about the Super Bowl (but let the record show that I’m flying high with the Seahawks). I’m referring to none other than the return of #TGIT.  And if you don’t know what that means, this article means nothing to you. Shame on you!

Everyone in my household knows that Thursdays are mine.  Even the munchkin knows that she must be in bed before 8:00 PM because it’s “mama’s night.” But in reality, Thursday nights belong to none other than the fabulous Shonda Rhimes. And it doesn’t matter how you watch, Annalise Keating isn’t the only one getting away with murder.


Shoabc_thankgoditsthursday_iloveshonda_640x400nda Rhimes is killing the airwaves with her brilliance. Her characters are multi-dimensional, the story-lines are complex, and her marketing is genius! She has perfected the art of interactive TV by giving fans the opportunity to not only share their opinions with other viewers, but also with the cast members of her hit shows. On any given Thursday, she will have not one but several hashtags trending in the top five on Twitter. Actually, most likely, all five will be related to Shondaland. Often imitated, but never duplicated, Shonda rules Twitter on Thursday nights. And OMG, the tweets are hysterical — almost as good as the shows.  Notice I said almost.

And if that wasn’t enough, Madame Rhimes slays the DVR, too. When ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ premiered, it broke the DVR record of live-viewing plus three.  In other words, 6 million people watched #HTGAWM on their DVR within 3 days of recording it.  You know we can’t have folks talking about what happened on the show when we haven’t seen it.  That’s the worst!


For me, I do both.  I prefer to watchred wine it live, but I record it just in case I’m distracted or want to catch those steamy scenes again or try to figure out the case before the ending.  Aaaah. I’m counting down.

How will you be watching?