Late Night Ramblings

Ever needed a vacation after vacation? Mail is stacked up. You have a gazillion unread email messages. Clothes to wash, fold, and put away. I have STILL not caught up with my routine since coming back from Florida. No time for anything.

I turned 25…again. Happy Birthday to me.

Why do kids get sick so often? I swear the munchkin is sick every other week. I remind her not to put the imaginary food in her mouth when she’s playing at recess (Her school is structured; No “learning through play” all day). She washes and sanitizes her hands frequently. I guess everyone is just sneezing all over the place and their immune systems can’t quite keep up. Those pesky germs are like roaches. Hey, that made me think of ‘Scarface.’ I haven’t watched a Pacino flick in a while…or any flick for that matter. Anyway, back to the sickness. Ever heard of HFM? Boy, that was a sight. Peeling hands and feet for days. No weeks! Whew. Glad that’s over.

I made good on my promise to start a veggie garden. A little fruit. A little veg. The previous owner of my house built three long rows of raised planters (wheelchair height), so I had to take a crack at it this year.

Am I the only one that watches basketball only during the playoffs? They are actually great at putting me to sleep…which is about to happen.

I promise I’ll resume again soon. And it won’t be just a Silent Sunday post. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe Sunday. Subscribe already, will ya? Then, you won’t miss a thing.

Oooooh. The thunderstorms just started. Time to turn on some Charlie Parker. Sip sip. Goodnight.