How to Take a Photo without a Wheelchair

It doesn’t matter how much I yell, I AM NOT MY CHAIR, it is very difficult for some to see me beyond the wheelchair. And I get it. But despite my understanding, I often want to be seen simply as who I am today — not who I used to be or what you may think I am because of the wheelchair. My perfect photo isn’t because I have freshly-twisted locs or precision brows. It’s the photo of me with no chair in sight.

While I was celebrating my nephew’s first birthday in the park a few weeks ago, I got the idea to take a few shots on the equally-level seat of the picnic table.

I started off with a simple transfer from my chair and held on to the bench for dear life.


But do I look constipated? And where is my neck? My arms aren’t as defined as I’d like them to be, but this pic does show off a little something.

Next, I tried the full-frontal shot with both arms on my crossed legs. I put my ungloved, dominant hand over my weaker, atrophied hand to minimize the look. There was no way I was taking my glove off though. I was too focused on maintaining my balance (remember, no core support). This one’s not my fave.


Ok. How about a more feminine look with my legs crossed and one arm on the table?

Ahhh. A more relaxed pose. But, wait…my hips look a mile wild!

Let’s try that again from a different view.


There we go. The angle is everything. Finally. Now, this is a shot that I like.

I can’t practice in the mirror like Tyra suggests, but at least I have something closer to what I was looking for. So, there you have it. My first amateur photo shoot of me, myself, and I. For this, I didn’t mind kicking my biggest, shiny accessory to the curb. I have enough bling in my smile.











  • Deborah~Duh bore Ruh

    This is lovely, looking forward to doing this.

  • Arlett R. Hartie

    Very pretty!!!

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