Getting Back in the Game: Working on Wheels

“Put me in, Coach!”
I was never really good at basketball. I played the point guard position in middle school because I was fast and could steal the ball. But when it came to fast breaks, I was more of a mason because I would lay some bricks! I’m sure the other team’s coach had a strategy for the 4’11” point that couldn’t score a simple layup in transition. It didn’t just start with the “Hack-a-Shaq!”
These days, my transition offense has improved – not in basketball, but in life.
My social media and Words with Friends hiatus (sorry fellow lexophiles) was intentional as I needed time and focus to prepare for two huge transitions at once.
The munchkin is not so little anymore and was eager…yes, eager…to go to school. Her desire to solve puzzles and build castles quickly changed to playing pretend and exploring the great outdoors with other munchkins. Days at the park produced those longing eyes and pleas to play more with the other kids. So, I knew, whether I was ready or not, it was time.
As God would have it, I knew it was time for me to further develop my career as well. I learned of a great opportunity and had to dive right in. Near-death experiences will cause you to be very selective in how your time is spent. Finding a gig that excited me and had an on-site child learning center with availability now was no coincidence. I knew that everything aligning so seamlessly was in His perfect timing.
I consider myself the epitome of diversity — a young, female, African-American wheelchair user that has always danced to the beat of my own drum. Being true to myself is a top priority and facing challenges head-on is how I roll. Nevertheless, I understand the chase of acceptance that plagued Whitney Houston. Ethnicity and gender never concerned me, but I haven’t been in a chair my entire life, so this was new territory for me.  Am I breathing too loudly as I push? Do I shake hands with or without gloves? Would the poor dexterity in my right hand be confused with a “limp handshake?”
Fortunately, I was judged by the knowledge in my head and not the metal in my neck.  I reminded myself about the Prayer of Serenity and I’m still learning that diversity is diversity; discrimination is discrimination; inclusion is inclusion. “Point blank. Period!” Do people still say that?  
As for Genny, she’s counting down the days until her first day of school. Although, we’re all excited about our new ventures, I’m sure we’ll both miss our art projects and impromptu concerts like the one below. But, change is good and the best is yet to come!

Keep it moving!