Final score: 176-0

Did you know that on average, toddlers can take 176 steps in a single minute? I believe it! Last week, Munchie had my blood pressure see-sawing: down it went to pick up her toys and back up to put them away! It seems that when I am at my lowest/weakest/sleepiest, she gets a burst of energy.

It all started with a nagging toothache that turned cataclysmic! What’s so smart about wisdom teeth? Anyway, the partially impacted tooth decided to start poking my gums and sent me into a state of Bolivia…I mean, oblivion (remember when Mike Tyson said that in an interview? Classic!) That tooth brought me to tears several nights, but it will be gone before the week is over. Believe that!

While the tooth played percussion on my gums, here’s a brief synopsis of what kept me from you guys last week:

- Supermom continued to plan Munchie’s party. But every time I finally got the munchkin to settle down, I needed to nap. I started taking multivitamins again and being consistent with my iron supplement. It makes a huge difference.

- I drove all over the DMV to catch season-ending bargains for party supplies.

- It was hot! The heat is so draining for anyone, but especially for folks with medical conditions. I just couldn’t seem to catch myself.

- I found a new stylist for my princess’ mane and I love the salon! A proper update to this post will be coming.

- I caught up with my bestie who has been released from the hospital and she’s doing well. Thanks for all of the well wishes and prayers!

I know there was more, but my brain is on pause from the pain meds and I am extremely uncomfortable. Gotta rest again. Later, guys.

Keep It Moving!