Yes, You’re Cootielicious!

My mom always said, “If you play in ‘em, you’ll be ‘em.” Well, I didn’t play in wheelchairs for fun and I definitely wouldn’t sit in another person’s chair now if I could help it. Having used one for over eight years now, I know the importance of keeping it as clean and safe as possible. Would you use your toothbrush after I cleaned my new sneakers with it?

I don’t care what you’re wearing, your clothes are populated with all kinds of bacteria that can transfer to my wheelchair cushion. I’m not saying you’re nasty or that your clothes are dirty. Freshly washed clothes are culprits because the average washing-machine load can contain 100 million E.Coli bacteria. And new clothes are even worse! The amount of bacteria on clothing that has been tried on by who-knows-how-many shoppers or even taken home, worn and returned to the store is enough to make you gag…or even truly get sick. The staph bacteria known as MRSA can live on cotton clothing for six months!

All of the germs from your clothes that are transferred to my cushion could easily make me sick. I don’t have a compromised immune system per se, but I do have to be extra cautious about getting sick. And in case you forgot, I do¬†transfer from the shower chair to my wheelchair…without clothing. ¬†Get my drift?

So, please stand or park your rear end in another spot. This seat is taken!