Clearing the cobwebs

It’s been nearly a month since I resumed writing from the last hiatus. In case you missed my first Taboo Topic post, I just brushed the surface with a convo on sex. My plan was to do a video follow-up (sans demonstration) and continue the series throughout the week with other topics, but I became completely overwhelmed with life. Let me explain:
Raising the munchkin has always been my first priority. I wouldn’t consider myself a Tiger Mom, but plopping her in front of a TV all day is not my idea of education — even if it is Nick Jr. or Sprout. Turning 2 has been a huge milestone for both for us because she now has tons of energy and the desire to explore. No more puzzles and flashcards (although they taught her shapes, colors, animals and many words,) because she’s been upgraded to Toddler v 2.1! She has completely mastered my iStuff and has her own set of apps on each device and a list of her YouTube favorites.

But, this was becoming a little too frequent for me. Yes, the apps were mostly educational (except that annoying TomCat app that I had to delete,) but I would much rather have her spend most of the time playing outside? Being “vertically challenged”with a toddler in the park is pretty difficult because I’m unable to lift her into the swing or walk with her up the stairs to the slide. That’s where Granddad comes in. We did our best to maximize the parks during the summer (considering that we both have our limitations.)

Since summer has ended, we have spent more times doing things like painting, indoor golfing, and other hands-on fun, educational activities, but the commencement of Fall brought lots of storms — not only in the atmosphere.

My father has battled heart disease since I was in high school…probably before. I just have the vivid memory of him having open heart surgery around that time. For a vibrant, energetic, soon-to-be 90 year-old, I think he looks darn good. When I try to tailor his meals to have low salt, low fat, and ultimately low taste, he always reminds me of how good he looks for a 70 year-old. Hilarious.

Unfortunately, his love of fried foods caught up with him when his breathing began feeling shallow a few days after my cousin’s wedding. He called 911 and the docs found a little blockage. Thank God a quick procedure and a little R&R at the lovely extended-stay medical spa (otherwise known as the hospital) put a spark back in the ticker. It was quite a scare though.

I really, really dislike hospitals.

Maybe it’s because my best friend is in the fight of her life and the majority of her time is being spent in the hospital. Being surrounded by beeping machines and tangled IV lines is frustrating enough without constantly getting “Mayweathered” by unpredicted diagnoses.

I miss our college days of kicking butt in Taboo through ESP while making a meal off of oranges for a week because we were broke and they were on sale…something like 100 for $10. Her dorm room was the living room for the floor because her spirit is infectious and her Southern accent just reminds you of something nice. She is the girl that used her scholarship refund to buy my books one year because my money went to the government for unpaid parking tickets that we racked up on the mean streets of DC. “New York Undercover night” meant that you could expect wing bones to be scattered on the floor and the empty pizza boxes served as tables. And everybody was welcomed in 591. The door was always open…literally.

We’ve both come a long way since our Howard stint, but our struggles never wrecked our spirit, love of life and faith in God. Despite having a medical procedure nearly 4 hours away, she drove to the hospital to see me and “our baby” four days after she was born. That’s my cosmic sista!

As for me, I’m trying to take it all in while mourning the end of Summer. I had two wisdom teeth removed a few months ago and parts of my lip are still numb. I wake up during the night thinking bugs are crawling on my face, but it’s just the effects of the surgery. Are you serious? More nerve damage? “It’s possible” according my oral surgeon because the root of one tooth was very close to the nerve. Great!

It’s bad enough that the Autumn rain and chilly weather make my nerve pain go into overdrive! Anything less than 70, no 75 degrees, is cold to me. So, I’ve been burrowed under the comforter with heat patches on my neck and Chai tea on the nightstand while the fam walks around in tank tops and shorts. This time of the year is miserable for me and Winter is worse, but I refuse to swallow those hallucinogenic neuropathy pills to manage the pain. I told you what they do to me.

So, thanks for sticking by me as I wipe the dust off of my MacBook. Taboo Topics will resume next week and the month of October will be full of pics, vids and giveaways! Stay tuned.

Keep It Moving!