Caught in the Middle with The Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel

I always try to visit 4 and 5 star hotels because they are generally more thoughtful when it comes to reasonable accommodations in their handicapped/wheelchair accessible rooms. So when my husband and I booked a room at The Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel, I had high expectations. Unfortunately, I could only give it a mediocre grade on my Bogus Barrier Scale.

Grade: C+

Strike 1: There was no accessible counter.  If I had been alone, I would have confirmed my reservation with the tile instead of the human beings behind the counter. To be fair, this is pretty common with hotels unless it is a recent build or remodel. Despite the label as a “renowned boutique hotel,” this property’s age was evident.

Thumbs up: When I strolled along the low pile carpet down the halls (hotel carpets are usually more difficult to push on) and entered the room, we were met with champagne, flutes, and a personalized note from the manager. Nice touch!
Strike 2: The room was not very spacious and had the traditional Mt. Everest-height beds, but my biggest peeve was the inaccessible crossbar lock. It was waaaaaay out of reach.
Thumbs up: The bathroom is always my biggest issue with hotels. Even if a hotel meets the “reasonable accommodations” guidelines, they are not always designed with a wheelchair user in mind.  

This bathroom had grab bars and a roll under sink, but checkout the makeup mirror…
It’s standard height!

The roll-in shower was tight, but…

…very functional with a built-in seat, easy to reach lever and handheld shower head. 

Uh oh. The shampoo and conditioner were on the same wall as the seat. Not a smart move!
Overall, we enjoyed our stay, but will most likely choose another next time.  

Keep it Moving!