www.iamnotmychair.comMy name is Justice — and no, I did not change it after the movie Poetic Justice. I’m a city girl in the suburbs by way of a small town down South. I’m a chronic water bottle-toting writer that loves Thai, but can’t tie one. Addicted to word games and binge-streaming TV.

In addition to writing this blog, I stay very busy working a 9-5, taking care of my household, and keeping up with the munchkin’s very busy academic and social calendar.

Most people are shocked that I drive, cook, clean, got married, and especially had a baby and raise her with minimal assistance like most strong women do. I have a broken neck, but not a broken spirit. My life is full, but the journey is incomplete.

I love to travel, listen to my diverse music collection, tinker with gadgets, eat Thai food, play Words With Friends,  and watch everything Shonda Rhimes puts her hands on. My DIY projects usually end up as oh-no-you-didn’t, but I create anyway.

I’m an adventurous free-spirit that loves unsweetened hot tea on cold mornings and sweaty glasses of sweet tea on summer afternoons. Yep. That’s me. The epitome of oxymorons and you have a first-class ticket to visit my world for a few minutes everyday. I hope you will take a ride with me on my atypical journey through motherhood and everyday life. Email me your thoughts, suggestions, or questions to justice@iamnotmychair.com. I’m not new to writing, but this blogging thing is a work in progress. I hope your visit to my virtual soapbox keeps you encouraged and entertained. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the turbulence!