A Breathe of Fresh HAIR

In my household, hair is a chore!

Prior to my injury, I would rock my hair in many styles ranging from an afro to double-strand twists.  Long gone are the days of me perching on the bathroom sink to twist the back of my hair.  My injury left my dexterity diminished in my right hand, so I leave my loc maintenance to the fabulous Camille at Noire Salon.

There are few people that are willing to tackle the challenges of maintaining my crown.  The surgery on my neck included plates and screws (yes, I always beep TSA), so I’m not able to turn my neck fully in both directions.  I squirm around a lot to alleviate the pressure and I also have to transfer from my chair into the shampoo chair, back to my chair, under the dryer, and back to my chair.  Talk about time-consuming.  In an industry where timing is crucial, it takes a lot of patience from a compassionate stylist.  Well, my girl Camille is that and then some.  I’ll tell you guys more about that when I have my next appointment.  Today, it’s about the little princess.

Genesis has been a salon girl since she was 9 months-old.  Her first stylist, Keneisha, at KTR Design Studios is masterful at children’s hair.  This ambitious mother of four has worked magic on Genny’s hair. Warm with a laugh that would make Scrooge smile, Keneisha tenderly creates intricate cornrow designs.

Unfortunately, Genny’s biweekly masterpieces came to an abrupt end due to unforeseen circumstances at the salon. So, the restructuring of KTR Design Studios forced me to find a new stylist during the interim. Rats!

I searched the web for a new place and found Spoiled and Rotten Kids Spa
The salon itself is a little girl’s dream, complete with pedicure and manicure stations, a make-up area, the hairstylists’ row, and a runway for them to strut their stuff when they finish getting primped. My beef with the salon wasn’t the nonstop Justin Bieber pumping through the speakers. The teeny boppers sang every word of each track while they sipped their “kiddie cosmos” out of the pink, plastic martini glasses.  The problem is the lack of space for the moms (and dads), not to mention the ones in wheelchairs. I became the unofficial bouncer as my chair blocked the entrance of the spa because there was nowhere else to go!

Genesis started off with a shampoo. Since she’s itty-bitty, Daddy had to lift her into the shampoo bowl while the stylist washed and rinsed. It was hard to hear the cries for Mommy when the blow dryer started because the shampoo area was inaccessible to me and my wheels.  Luckily, Daddy was there to settle her down.  

There was a birthday party going on at the same time as individual appointments, so the lounge area was overflowing with moms, giggles, and flashbulbs. I thought I was amongst the paparazzi in Beverly Hills, but Genesis didn’t seem to mind. She was in awe of all of the sparkling eyeshadow on the lids of the little girls with the boas and tutus that kept skipping past her. As she demolished her ring pop from her complimentary bag of sugary goodness, she waved “hi” to everyone while getting her mane maintained — a great distraction for itty-bitty.

The whole process took about two hours and only a few pails of tears.  The stylist did a very easy-to-maintain style, complete with beads for Genny to “whip her hair back and forth.”

I still miss Keneisha’s skilled hands, but Spoiled and Rotten Kids Spa is a task completed and play date all-in-one.  Not a bad alternative (as long as Daddy keeps tagging along.)

Keep It Moving!